News Release: February 10, 2014

March 25, 2014 in Logs by Sharon Duffy

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On Monday February 10, a Grafton County Superior Court
Justice, sentenced 41-year-old Russell Christian, of Canaan
to the New Hampshire State Prison for not less than 1 ½ years
and not more than 3 years for a charge of aggravated driving
while intoxicated. Christian was also given a 1 ½ – 5 year
State Prison sentence that is suspended for ten years.
Christian was found guilty after a jury trial.
The charges stem from a December 13, 2012, motor vehicle
collision that occurred on Route 118 in Canaan late at
night. When first responders arrived on the scene, they
found Christian’s Dodge truck halfway up an embankment.
Christian suffered serious injuries that required him to be
airlifted from the scene. A passenger in the vehicle was
launched through the windshield and was located 20 feet away
in the woods. The passenger, 34-year-old Steven Cotting,
suffered multiple fractures to his spine, pelvis and hip.
Canaan Police investigated the scene and determined that both
alcohol and speed played a factor in the crash. Chief Samuel
Frank determined that after the defendant lost control of his
vehicle, the vehicle rolled multiple times before coming to
rest where it was located by first responders. At some point
before coming to rest, the vehicle struck an electric pole
with enough force to break the pole in two places.

As part of his statement to the Court, Christian thanked the
Canaan Police and other first responders, noting that their
quick response meant he could get medical treatment for his
injuries sooner.
AUTHORIZED: Chief Samuel W. Frank, II:
Grafton County Attorney Lara J. Saffo
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